• The Setting Process 

    Drill hole and select the correct nozzle.(see picture 1 )
    Open tool and place stem in tool .Place rivet in the hole .(see picture 2 )
    Squeeze plier once or twice until stem snaps .
    Open plier and turn upside down until stem falls out .(see picture 3 )   

    Please follow instruction to ensure a proper finish

    1.Unless fastening-tool can not go in ,the riveting works must be conducted from the side where drilling has been made ,which will prevent the flange (rivet head) from flashes due to Drilling.

    2.When metallic materials are fastened with non metallic materials such as Plywood ,Plastics or Fabrics,the riveting works must be conducted on the metallic side.And in order to secure a rigid riveting,Large FlangeRivet is recommended.

    3.When fastening with a thin material,thinner than 0.5mm,the riveting must be done on the face of thin material .

  • Dome Head

    Large Flange Head

    Countersunk (CSK) Head

  • Materials

    Your Guide to select the right blind rivet

    • Select rivets in right diameter and material          
       per mechanics & compatibility of fastened material

    • Select rivet length per thickness of fastened material 

    • Select proper size of drilling diameter